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Cathodic Integrity Monitor System Overview

The Genesys Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring System consists of multiple Cathodic Integrity Monitor (CIM) devices, a centralized database storage system, and the Online System Profiler (OSP) software.

Each CIM device is installed next to the cathodic protection equipment to be monitored. The CIM devices communicate bidirectionally with the data store and the OSP via the ORBCOMM Low Earth Orbit Satellite Network.

The CIM collects measurements, analyzes the data, and periodically reports the information to the data store. The CIM units can also immediately notify system users of Alarm Events if the measured cathodic potentials are outside of user-configured limits.

The Online System Profiler (OSP) provides system users with access to the collected data across the Internet using a standard web browser. The OSP utilizes two-way messaging to provide the ability to remotely configure all aspects of the CIM devices, including specifying which data to record, what alarm limits to use, who to notify when alarms occur, and more.

The CIM device is powered by a built-in ‘gel cell’ battery, meaning no external power source is required. Thus, the CIM can be installed with confidence even in your most remote locations.

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