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Online System Profiler Software

The Online System Profiler (OSP) is an Internet-based software system that gives our customers complete control over the monitoring, reporting and alarming features of the Cathodic Integrity Monitor.

The OSP includes these features:

Reporting -- Generate detailed or summary reports for any time period.

Alarm notification -- When a CIM reports an alarm condition, the database is updated and immediately an email is sent to any email destination you choose.

Alarm response -- View and respond to alarm messages generated by CIM units.

Data Exporting -- Export your data to a .csv file for easy imports into your favorite spreadsheet software

CIM Configuration -- Configure all logging and alarm parameters supported by the CIM devices.

Mapping Feature -- Visualize your CIM9000 assets with satellite mapping imagery

Controlled user access -- Multi-level user access permissions can be configured to give you control over who views your data.

Accessible -- Access the OSP across the Internet using a current standard web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. No other client software required.

Usability -- GUI is intuitive and easy to use - no extensive training required.

Data archival -- Data is backed up on a daily basis. Current data is always available. Historical data is archived but never deleted.

For a complete, live demonstration of the Cathodic Integrity Monitor and the Online System Profiler, please contact:

Dave Richards
Office: 719-277-7425
Mobile: 719-661-6064

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