Satellite Remote Monitoring
- Cathodic Protection
- Compliance Reporting
- Real-Time Alarms
- Global Remote Access

Satellite CIM Features

  • 8 Auto-Ranging Analog Inputs
    • Unique design simultaneously measures AC and DC potentials.
    • Fully floating differential inputs on each channel.
  • Comprehensive Surge and Lightning Protection
    • All inputs include advanced multi-level protection.
    • CIM Inputs disconnected between measurements via relays.
  • Inputs measured from ±millivolt to ±300v levels.
  • Optically isolated Digital Input and Digital Output.
  • Configurable High and Low alarming on all AC and DC measurements.
  • Statistical Based Reporting - CIM utilizes a set of measurements over time and reports computed Mean, Standard Deviation, Upper and Lower Bounds.

Power & Communication Features

  • Self-powered with High Reliability 'Gel Cell' battery enabling remote monitoring without the need for external power.
  • Built-in Solar Recharging reduces the threat of theft and vandalism.
  • Satellite communication provides global access to remote locations.
  • Cost-effective monthly communication - pay only for airtime that you use.

Profiler Software Features

  • Internet-based Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Fully programmable via secure Internet access.
  • Configurable channel alarm voltages or currents.
  • Configurable channel logging and call-in intervals.
  • Configurable alarm email notifications.
  • Scheduled reporting configurable from daily to every 75 days.
  • Compliance report generation.

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